Project created for ADELAIDE FRINGE festival 2016

Festival Theme: Walk on the wild side


Concept Idea outline:
- Wild Side: it is represented by fantasy, because has it has no rules and represents the real freedom
- The purest freedom is represented by children, as during the childhood people are not contaminated by social rules and are able to transform anything into magic through the power of the fantasy.
- In the illustration/graphic composition the little creatures represent the wild side, the technique used to draw them l reminds the drawing style of little children
- As children transform anything into magic, an ordinary carpet can turn into a magical wild world made by million of mysterious creatures that can be anything you want, just need to use your imagination and they will come to life.
- The legs and the feet represent the adult world that it is usually deprived by the magic of fantasy because of the ruled society, they represent the hope to go back to the fantasy world and get contaminated both emotionally and physically by the wild side of it. 

Graphic Concept Outline:
- The illustration can be used as a whole or can be seen as a composite work where each little creature represents a unique way for fantasy to be expressed. Looking carefully we can notice that every single creature has a different expression, different appearance and brings a different emotion to the viewer. They represent the plurality of outputs that fantasy can bring to, one source one million different manifestation of it. 
Said that from a graphic perspective every little creature is a stand alone graphic element that can be used on its own.