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objective mandala official

Objective Mandala

The "Objective Mandala" is the first in a series of twenty-two performance actions. Twenty-two objects are the main characters of this performance, all of them strictly personal, that following a precise syncronisation are sorted creating a symbol - a different one for each performance. The back-projected video above this action presents the same action in sync in order to show the deriving symbol. This action lasts exactly 220 seconds. At the end of the placement of the objects a hand blow will instantaneously destroy what has been built. The objects represent the ego, the passions, the fears and the inner world of the two artists, and their precise placement create shapes of differing beauty, nevertheless intended to disappear: As Mother Nature swallows things she created regenerating and recomposing herself, so their union as people produce visions with a deadly purpose. But the disappearance never generates an end.

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