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minimicha mythology


Up to the highest Bhutanese mountains, where the sky meets the earth, live some magical and mysterious creatures: 22 sacred grasshoppers, big as human beings.

Everybody in that country knows this myth, if one of these grasshoppers knocks at your door, something special will happen, supposing that you host it the night; the grasshopper itself will decide the most proper gift to give.

During springtime 2009, we were spending time in Bhutan, and we rented a small cottage a few hours far from the capital city Thimphu, in order to get lost in mystical contemplation of the mountains.

No one has told us about that story, so anyone could imagine our astonishment when, at 22:22, we heard someone knocking at our door and ,when we just opened it ,we faced a grasshopper as big as us.

Though it wasn't talking through words, nevertheless we could properly understand it, thousands whispers coming to our minds, and we were overwhelmed by an immediate sensation of peace. It asked us for spending a night in our place, and obviously, even bewildered, we accepted.

The day after, the Sacred Grasshopper has disappeared, and in its stead there was a small bundle, which instantaneously opened, and two spooky white masks popped out, a strange sign on their both foreheads. We wore them at once, it was impossible to defy the temptation to do it, and in that very moment our lives changed forever.

Through the masks we gained the power the Grasshopers had decided to donate to us, the Minimicha one, and in our minds we did perceive and understand everything, we were just turned into something new and different, and we could makes magics thanks to our acquired creative powers.

Through the Mental Whispering, Sacred Grasshoppers warned us: no one would never have had to see our faces identifying our human nature, or we will lose not just the Minimicha power but even all the memories related to it.

The Minimicha power is located in the Eyed-Paw, its own mark; in its image is the Paw-Palace made, a sumptuous residence in the middle of the ocean, in which we'll have lived starting from then

Inside of it the countless rooms change continuously, but the head-quarter, the Officeye, where everything is created, and the Collar Tower, placed on the East side of the highest fingertip, and seat of the Mini Doggy-Paddle, who never stops to cry on her Swabbyflock bed, on the top of the Collars' Mountain. All around the Paw-Palace for many many miles, are the Tinflower Gardens, where the Dairy Squids' stables are, providing us our daily nourishment.

In the deepest Paw-Palace's undergrounds, locked behind billions of doors, are the Bon Bon Bomb and the Paillettes Bomb, ready to raze to the ground the whole planet, turning all the things in a sterile desert covered by the Eyed-Paw image.

Nobody could stop the Minimicha power and the resulting world conquest.

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