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 Project created for KULTURHAVN Festival Poster Competition 2015, Copenhagen DENMARK

The idea is about a game that starts as a game.

I was enjoying moving the position of different lines of shadows of blue and green on Photoshop and all of a sudden the pick-up sticks game visualised in front of my eyes.
From this visual image I started developing the project. The water of the sea as well as the one of the river together with human beings and their inventions belong to a game where everything coexists in a perfect balance. We don’t want this balance to be broken. In the graphic representation, the festival is the main element of the composition and like any other stick of the game we can pick it up creating a chance of entertainment, always respecting the random order of this natural balance.
The paper ship symbolises the essence of the purest enjoyment typical of the childhood, however my perception is that the festival mission is to go beyond that and bring its playful spirit to everyone, adults and elders too.
On a different level of interpretation the graphic composition could be seen as a ship slowly moving into the harbour, where the hand similarly to a gigantic hook  has the function of lifting up the most important event of the year: the Copenhagen Harbour Festival.
The artwork could be easily adapted to fit into different horizontal elements, where the hand could either pick up the date of the event or shuffle the sticks. The graphic is simple, intuitive and easy to understand.

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